The Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi directed in 2011 This is not a film, a feature film shot in his house while being arrested, accused of conspiracy and under the express prohibition of writing or filming for 20 years. In this situation Panahi, with the help of a camera operator, recited and staged the film that he was preparing when he was arrested. Thus, This is not a film became a defense of freedom of speech and expression.

These are the premises of the documentary film that we present today in the Feeldocs channel: Film style Jafar Panahi is a tribute from its director, José Luis Cubillo, to the Iranian filmmaker, who also reflects on the values and the economic crisis of the Western society.

“I have no raccord, but who cares raccord” is one of the phrases that you hear in the film that express the basis of this work outside the audio-visual industry and its aesthetic and technical constraints.

Director shot the film without any budget and with himself as the only member of the crew. José Luis Cubillo has written and directed, in addition to Film style Jafar Panahi, Memories, also a documentary feature, and three short films with his production company Edelweiss.