For the second consecutive year, we at Feelmakers are offering 12 of the 15 films selected by the Spanish Film Academy, of which only five will eventually be nominated for the Goya for Best Fiction Short film:

We’re friends

A short film by Carlos Solano seeking insight into the boundaries between friendship and work through the story of Julio, who must deal with the firing of his best friend as a superior.

Inside the Box

David Martin Porras is competing for a Goya with a short film that has already won many awards at such prestigious competitions as the Seminci, Cortogenia and Medina del Campo.

I’m so happy

Fran is completing her Board certification in psychiatry while caring for her sick mother. In two days she will be admitted and her brother shows up to take charge of the operation.

Follow the instructions

The actress and director Begoña Ochando Soler presents her fourth film, in which Rosa Belen plays Marisa, a 35-year-old woman who goes to a hospital emergency room for help.



Gracia Querejeta is competing with this film on the positive effects of art in the reintegration of prisoners into society.

Tuning Oscar

Award-winning fourth short by Mikel Alvariño, in which Ana and Oscar have a conversation about the idea of maintaining a relationship.

Sara’s runaway

Isabel Coixet produced this short film by Belen Funes about the life of a child in a shelter and the winner of the Silver Biznaga at the Malaga Film Festival.

The Red Thunder

All the proceeds from this film on will be donated to the non-governmental organization Idea Libre. Give your bit!

Interior. Familia

Esteve Soler, Gerard Quinto and David Torras directed this short film, in which parents wake their son up in the middle of the night to discuss an urgent matter.

The Carpathians

Carolina and her sister come home after a few drinks too many at the younger one’s bachelorette party. The older sister, married with children, reveals her plans to run off with another man.


Do not miss this short film by Nacho Solanas, the latest work of fiction from the great actor Alex Angulo, sadly disappeared in July 2014.

The great invention

This mockumentary about the future to the European Union is the first foray into film by the writer and economist Fernando Trias de Bes, co-author of the bestseller La buena suerte (2013).

The final nominees will be announced the next December 14. Good luck to everyone!