The celebrations marking International Gay Pride Day are upon us and this year they are more necessary than ever following the massacre of 49 people at a gay club in Orlando by a homophobic extremist.

On Feelmakers, tireless advocates for LGBT rights, we are celebrating Pride Day again this year with a selection of the dozens of films on this subject, which you can find in our catalogue on demand. Feel the Pride!


Mario de la Torre’s documentary work and his “Pink Springs” (Pink Spring in the Kremlin and Towards a Pink Spring) on the growing intolerance in Russia is absolutely crucial for publicising the loss of human rights of LGBT people in purportedly “democratic societies ” worldwide.


And speaking of reclaiming rights, we are, of course, highlighting the documentary by Rodrigo Vila and Luciano Origlio The Same Love, the Same Rights, which does a historical retrospective of social movements in the LGBT struggle in Argentina, up through the legalization of equal marriage.


Continuing in Latin America, this time in Cuba, developments in the struggle for sexual freedom have not been as satisfactory as in that first country. Until 1997, homosexuality was punishable by law and only since in 2008 are the Cuban people allowed to march against homophobia every May 17th. In Mamis, the director Virginia Fuentes focuses on the difficulties associated with motherhood in this country for same-sex couples.


Stepping away from legal issues, The Son by Venci Kostov, deals with the problem of social intolerance towards sexual freedom in all its complexity, from the inside out: the nuclear family and its representation in such an important area as school; the trauma of a festering past and, above all, a lack of acceptance of self and its impact on society. Self-deception, ignorance, guilt, cowardice, and its terrible consequences.


Remember and celebrate: Love is Love!