The documentary Europe Trap tells the true story of Zakereh, a 55 year-old Afghan mother who fled Afghanistan with her son Omid (her other children were snatched away by her husband’s family) and, after living illegally in Iran for fifteen years, sought a better future by going to Greece. But at the Athens airport, the authorities separated her from her son, who was held in the country. Zakereh then undertook a long and dangerous journey from Greece to Barcelona, ​​where she lived alone and disconsolate, waiting for a response to a request for asylum that would allow her to be reunited with her son.

Although the woman lives a life very much secluded from the society around her in Spain, while waiting for the reunion she tries to learn the local language and understand the new surroundings in order to assimilate. Despite her homesickness and sadness at being separated from her daughter, Zakereh rents a room (thanks to donations from NGOs) in a house owned by Adelfa, a Cuban singer who brings a little joy to her day to day, and who manages to communicate with her despite the obvious differences.

Anna Girant directed this documentary about Zakereh’s struggle, her communication problems, her long wait and inner suffering—one that leads her into deep depression and to her preferring the times of the war in Afghanistan to the isolation and vulnerability of the immigrant.

Europe Trap has earned many awards for Best Medium Length Film at such international festivals as Alcances, Medimed, UNHCR Refugee Film Festival and the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.