The documentary feature Euromaidan. Rough cut, is made up of 10 different stories, each of them shot by a different team, but with the narrative thread focused on the Ukrainian revolution.

“Euromaidan”, according to Wikipedia, is the name given to a series of pro-European and nationalist demonstrations in the Ukraine that, at its peak, overthrew the elected President Viktor Yanukovich’s pro-Russian Party of Regions. Euromaidan actions began in Kiev on the night of November 21, 2013. The day before, on November 20, the Ukrainian government had suspended the signing of the Association Agreement and the Free Trade Agreement with the European Union.

What were initially timid university protests against the government ended up becoming three months of demonstrations and riots in which several disparate social organizations joined the political opposition, the Ukrainian church and representatives of ethnic minorities.

The film Euromaidan. Rough cut uses recordings made in different spaces and bases of the protest to document how the birth of Ukraine’s modern history was born and how its development now seems to be hidden by the Western media.

You can watch and vote here for Euromaidan. Rough cut, in competition at the international section of FeelFest.