On Feelshorts, we’re premiering the documentary short film Eternal, directed by actor, director and writer Gonzalo Gurrea Ysasi (Dante’s Eyes, Losers in ​​the World). The documentary film recounts the project carried out with a group of elderly residents in the Pacific Nogales retirement home in Madrid.

As stated by the leader of this scientific study, older people living in nursing homes have the constant, fateful feeling that they are approaching the end of their lives because they have nothing left to do, and are spend their final years resigned to waiting for their last day to come.

During this research, the elderly were asked which of the problems that come with ageing they would prefer to eliminate. A vast majority do not talk about serious illnesses such as diabetes or blood pressure problems, but rather maintaining their independence to do things for themselves. And this was the aim of the study: to increase the functional independence of people aged 90 years and over, to improve their quality of life so they might live better, as much as possible, and so that feel as good as possible on the day of their death.

For this reason, 40 patients over 90 were chosen for eight weeks of exercise training for muscle strengthening. The study included people with depression, even with dementia, and everyone managed to get through it on a positive note.

The study finally proved that strength gain in people over 90 years is indeed possible, and improvement leads to fewer falls (which are very dangerous at such advanced ages). But not only were the physicals goals achieved, but the psychological ones were too: the elderly escaped their usual routine to go to a daily workout for 45 minutes, happy and determined to have again a goal in their lives, an objective to keep moving them forward.