Among the new features this week on Feeltoons, we highlight Escape, an animated short film directed by Argentine directors Mauricio Medina, Ignacio Lavizzari and Fernando Spring, for which the animators have a dozen awards at several Latin American festivals.

In the story of Escape, perfectly set in the fifties, two prisoners in a cell intended to escape. To do so, they have devised a complex plan to distract the prison guard. Every night, when he finishes making his round, they turn on a radio with blaring music to cover up the sound of them hammering the wall. This way, prisoners manage to carve out a passageway needed to escape, until the jailer, tired of Ritchie Valens music blaring, smashes the radio with his baton. The prisoners, stripped of their cover, must devise another escape plan.

Escape is the first short film for the three animators. Currently, the three are working on such interesting feature film projects as the case of Fernando Primavera and his participation as an animator on the Campanella’s animated film Football (Metegol). We look forward to their promising careers.