Who has not dreamed about being thinner, smarter or richer? Everything you would do, the people you would know… In the end, you would be accepted by society much better if your personal or professional profile fit within the established norms. As if it being positive or successful were what is considered “normal” and therefore “expected”, instead of each one standing out for their uniqueness, that which really makes us special.

Dreaming of a normal life is exactly what makes the protagonist in this animated short film directed by Javier Ara. He dreams about being like the star in a shaving cream commercial: handsome and loved by beautiful women. Up to this point, we can all identify with that. But our hero would settle for having a few drinks with colleagues or being able to draw a smile with his mouth. It would be hard to fill this dream if it were for one little problem: his face hangs from his head like a cloth.

Disability, obstacles, marginalization, loneliness … these are all dealt with in Dreaming a Whole Life, a short film produced in 2010 and winner of several awards, including the Special Jury Prize at the International Film Festival on Disability.