David Pinillos, the editor of films such films as The Wound, Cousins ​​and Invasion and the director of Bon Appetit, for which he won the Goya Award for Best New Director, and several successful TV series, premieres the highly anticipated The Refugees this week on television, an Atresmedia and Bamboo Production co-produced with the BBC, which has directed some episodes.

On Feelshorts, we recommend Pinillos’ directoral debut: the short film Dolly, produced in 2008 by Morena Films, with performances by the very young Alex Gonzalez, Xenia Tostado and Miguel Angel Silvestre.

The film takes the name from Dolly Parton: a full-scale reproduction of the actress is the farewell gift from some friends to Dani, who at 22, will leave the day after to study in Los Angeles. After the going away party, Dani goes with his best friend and his girlfriend Anna (whom Dani is secretly in love with) to a park. When his friend passes out drunk, Dani sees a unique opportunity to confess his love to Ana in these last few moments.