Seguimos completando la colección de películas producidas y distribuidas por Autour de Minuit, la compañía de Nicolas Schmerkin, referencia absoluta en la animación francesa. Cine muy estimulante, con un sentido del humor inteligente y técnicas realizadas colectivamente. Aquí están los últimos títulos del catálogo que no os podéis perder:


Logorama is the production company’s flagship film: directed by the H5 artist collective, this short film is about a village made up of corporate logos in which Ronald McDonald is a murderer. It won the Oscar for best animated short film.

-The Gloaming-

A man is walking through drylands when he stumbles on something: unwittingly, he creates a world whose civilization quickly spirals out of control. All he can do is watch, unable to stop its self-destruction.

-Sacrée Soirée-

A collective of 15 artists who often work for Autour de Minuit and who directed several of the short films we have uploaded recently came together to make this piece of surreal humour. Don’t miss it!

-Once Upon a Time-

Dickie, a slightly clumsy prince, is looking for a princess in order to be able to inherit the throne from his father. He goes throughout the kingdom and tries all the fairy tale princesses, when he finally finds the…. doll of his dreams.


This charming short film led to a series of adventures, the protagonists of which, Little Rabbit and Little Indian, wander lost in an absurd and violent adult world in search of love, always in vain.

-The chase-

Four minutes of pure action make up this intense film, which mixes animation and live action. Shot in 3D, The Chase is about four young girls trying to escape from the police. Directed by special effects animator Philippe Gamer.