After making her way through the universities of Berlin, where she based her doctorate on a study of Leni Riefenstahl’s filmography and New York, where she completed a master’s degree in film directing and began working in film, director Nayra Sanz founded the Rinoceronte Films production company with her brother Javier in 2008.

The producer company was born with an eye to creating a craft concept of cinema, in which the speed and democratization processes brought about by the revolution of digital cinema does not imply a loss in the quality of the reflective nature involved in all filmmaking.

For this reason, the Sanz siblings choose to steer their productions toward subject matter that allows them to delve into issues of psychological and emotional depth, investigating the disturbing background of human psychology and social relations.

To learn more about Nayra Sanz’s artistic offerings, we propose three short films, all of them features of the week on Feelshorts. In her stories, Nayla repeats situations (couples, houses) that help her reflect on the relationships and dramas she deals with.

Anniversary, 2009, her first short film, directed with her brother Javier, where she plays with the confusion between what the camera shows and the tragic reality that it hides. A couple celebrates their routine and ceremonial anniversary dinner at home.


Things in Common is a 2011 short film in which, through the story of a couple the morning after they met at a party, the director reflects on issues like fate and chance.


One Day, 2014, where the maturity of the director is reflected both in the filmmaking itself and in the direction of the actors, with a superb performance from Teresa Ruano (Diamond Flash). Through a single day seen at moments in real time, we are partakers of the secrets that Ana hides from her loved ones, and the drama involved in her daily life.