We are celebrating a new edition of the world’s coolest film festival with a selection of content that has been screened at the festival:



Selected for the Short Films Corner market at Cannes 2015, Apolline tells a beautiful love story between a young couple whose happiness is shattered after a dramatic experience. Images bathed in a dreamlike aesthetic tell this beautiful story of love, pain and abandonment.



Also at the Short Films Corner market at Cannes last year, Four Tails is a 34-minute short film that tells a day in the life of four friends who take their dogs for their daily walk. During these walks, each of them has their peculiar desires in the subject of love. All of them are looking for love, the perfect man, who might just happen to be nearby, running through the park.



The Italian filmmaker Christian Filippi released his Short Film Marciapiede at the Short Film Corner at Cannes.

The film takes us into the bitter world of prostitution, through the misadventures of Liliana, a prostitute whose 51-year career in the oldest profession in the world is in decline. What will she do now for living?



The short film The Rat, released worldwide at the last edition of the Cannes Short Film Corner, is a tense thriller set in modern-day L.A. A story of policemen seeking to catch a major drug dealer. It delivers an intense, claustrophobic punch that will make you try to guess, and go wrong.



There was a time, before the Millennials generation, when parents brought their children to the circus, a world of sawdust and canvas, where clowns were king. It was the splendour of the circus world, small towns that go from here to there, and its inhabitants, the circus people, people playing circus.

But today, that fantasy world in which everyone who enters becomes child is dying, along with the fantasy of the people, replaced by second screens.

This documentary takes us into that world of Canvas and Shaving.



Cannes awarded short film by Claudine Natkin, Tomboy is about the prejudices of society on regard to gender.



“The world is a wonderful stage, but the cast is deplorable”.

This is the premise of ‘Decorado’, the new short by Alberto Vazquez, which is competing in the Cannes Directors’ Fortnight. Can’t wait to see it!