A few days ago you could see, in the special film collection as the Shortest Day celebration, the short film Breakfast at Enrique’s, a 2012 multi-award winning short by Oscar Bernàcer, director who returns this year -prior to filming his first feature film- with Bikini, short which is following the same laureate path in the festival circuit. The last awards were achieved only a few days ago in the season 15 of Cortogenia, and you can already watch it on Feelshorts.

Also with Nakamura Films production, and performed by Sergio Caballero, Rosario Pardo and Carlos Areces, Bikini tells how, in 1953, Pedro Zaragoza, mayor of Benidorm, travels to The Pardo Palace (where dictator Franco lives) on his Vespa trying to remedy the more difficult problem that he has faced: excommunication. The reason? Authorizing the use of bikinis on the beaches of the town governing.

Do not miss this short with vintage flavor in each of its frames.