Reaches Feelmakers the documentary film about one of the greatest artists of La Movida of Madrid. Antonio Vega left us orphans of his voice on May 12, 2009, and his fans still mourn his death.

The documentary film Antonio Vega, a star in La Movida, first feature film by journalist Paloma Concejero, covers the career path of the co-founder of the essential eighties band Nacha Pop, through audio-visual material (photographs and Super 8 films of his childhood recorded by his father) donated by the family of Antonio Vega.

Despite the singer’s family, among which is his cousin and bandmate Carlos Garcia Vega, supported from the beginning the production of the documentary, they positioned themselves against it after viewing the final result, accusing it of a “partial” film and of having emphasized the badness, the negative details of the singer’s life (related to drug addiction), ignoring the most important: the greatness of the music of Antonio Vega.

Now you can see the documentary film on Feeldocs and judge by yourself.


(The streaming is not available now in Spain)