Marta Arribas and Ana Pérez de la Fuente directed the documentary A place to stay, the story of Samya and Adrián, two vulnerable teenagers living in emotionally unstable environments where affection is hard to come by. To them, turning 18 means leaving the foster homes they have lived in for most of their lives and taking on an independent life full of uncertainty.

Adrian is a lonely boy, emotionally blocked and with the difficulty of relating to others. Samya is an emotional turmoil and the lack of self-esteem leads her to try to please anyone who gets in their way.

After bumps and swings in the streets of Madrid, homeless and jobless, Samya and Adrian found support, companionship and encouragement to continue fighting in Mario, Carlos and Bea, three educators who are, right now, the only reference in their lives.

Samya and Adrian are alone. They are cannon fodder, homeless shelters and soup kitchens, but they dream of improving their fragile family environment. The film follows them in their struggle, with its ups and downs, accompanying them in their efforts to get a roof, a group of friends, a place to stay.

The documentary film was selected at the Festival de Málaga and shortlisted at the Goya Awards this year.