The second edition of #FeelFest has come to an end; we got a chance to enjoy another year of high-quality cinema: fiction short films and the most relevant and attractive documentary and animation films in recent international production.


Mallory, 2nd FeelFest Big Winner

With her latest film, Mallory, the story of a drug-addicted mother living on the street, the great time-lapse documentary filmmaker Helena Trestikova has won the awards for Best Film (across the three competitive categories) and Best Documentary film.

Best Fiction Short Film

The Best Fiction Short Film Award went to Lander Camarero’s Hispanic-Iraqi co-production A Serious Comedy. The film tells about the curious initiative of the director of the Iraq Film Festival, determined to shoot a comedy to change the image of his country abroad.

Best Animated Film

The Best Animation Award goes to the Turkish film Merkür, by Melis Balci and Ege Okal, which tells the story of a young aspiring artist who discovers the vanity fair of the art world when she attends a grotesque, exclusive dinner.

Audience Award

How we enjoyed watching the Audience Award-winning documentary “The Time of Luthiers” by Jorge Guerrero and hearing Leonard Cohen talking about the wonders of his Conde guitar! Cohen has bid us farewell, but we’ll always have his songs played on a Felipe Conde guitar.

Through the 30th of this month, the winning films can be viewed together on with the films belonging to the three retrospectives of this second edition.