Manuel Silva‘s documentary takes us into the lives of people who practice alternative sports, making them more than just a sport, a passion, a way of life that enriches them personally and joins them a collective, where they share experiences and situations constituting the central concept of the film.

Axis shows the idiosyncrasy of groups of people away from conventional leisure and social circuits, through the lives of characters, from their individual and distinct aspects to the points they have in common with each other, the collective character.

The images of sporting activities provide a dynamic visual language closer to the world of videoclip, with multi-camera treatment, slow motion and angular optics, achieving large frames that make us enjoy the beauty of the movements, contrasting and differentiating them with the most documentary part, with hand-held camera, where the music takes importance and brings us closer to the protagonists’ perception when practicing their hobby.

The broad spectrum of protagonists shows a plurality of characters representing the differences and similarities between them. Their collective results in meetings with social impact at musical events, sporting events, exhibitions, where we find some of the national and international most important players of these activities full of adrenaline and passion: BMX, SKATE, SURF, MTB.

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