After more than four months in Spanish theatres, it comes to your screens of Feeldocs the film Asier ETA Biok (Asier AND I), the documentary directed by Aitor and Amaia Merino that tells the story of friendship between Aitor and Asier Aranguren since they grow together in his native Pamplona at the conflict-affected and politicized eighties, until Aitor moved to Madrid to pursue his dream of becoming an actor and Asier joined the terrorist group ETA, and years later, he was arrested and interned in a French prison, where he was for eight years.

Aitor Merino en un fotograma de la película

Aitor Merino on a film still

When Asier was released in 2010, Aitor wanted to recover his relationship with his childhood friend and make it clear to his friends in Madrid what could have led to Asier into ETA, so he went to his release in France with a camera in order to explain this story.

Amaia Merino, documentary filmmaker and editor and Aitor’s sister, co-wrote and co-directed this documentary film that takes even more importance after the protagonist was arrested and sent to prison without bail once in Spanish territory.

The film was premiered at San Sebastian Film festival with great expectations, and won the Irizar Basque Film Award.

Asier ETA Biok on Feeldocs