We have recently published on Feelshorts three short films directed by the Spanish actress, film director and producer Antonia San Juan (All about my mother, Piedras, Amnesia). 

China (2005) starring Antonia, tells the story of two young drug addicts who walk through the streets of Madrid while they review their past lives. Their former jobs, love relationships and shared interests are the main topics of the conversation. Co-produced by Thirteen productions and 24 productions, the film won many awards for both Best Actress and Best Short Film at festivals around the world, highlighting Trevignano Festival, Medina del Campo’s or New York Festival.

VO is produced the same year, a short film that tells the blind date between two characters featured by Luis Miguel Segui and Antonia San Juan, who got a nomination for the Goya Awards.

Fotograma de 'V.O', de Antonia San Juan

Still from Antonia San Juan’s ‘V.O’

We complete this approach to the work as director of Antonia San Juan with the short A las once (2009) also with Luis Miguel Segui. Two strangers meet in a park in the Madrid of the 50s. While they talk amiably about literature the flirting begins, but nothing can get as nasty as a good dispute on literary matters.

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