The last novelty on Feeldocs is 2014. Born in Gaza, the indispensable documentary film directed by Hernán Zin and produced by singer Bebe, Olmo Figueredo and Jon Sistiaga during the Israeli offensive that devastated the Gaza Strip in July and August 2014. The film, which was premiered December 12, follows ten children who tell us how are the day to day under the bombs.

The award-winning director Hernán Zin offers an intimate, deep look – leaving aside political debates or events of last minute – of how violence transforms the lives of these ten children. A deeply human vision of the war and its consequences.

The film is also an original idea on an aesthetic level. The use of slow motion and time-lapse and recording footage from unmanned drones; cranes and steadycams make the cinematography one of the most important elements of 2014. Born in Gaza. Seldom a war has been recorded in a so disturbingly beautiful form.

2014. Born in Gaza ends three months after the end of the Israeli offensive, when we see what has become of these children. How they are struggling to overcome the horror suffered and regain some normalcy in their lives.

They are spokespersons for the 507 children killed and over 3,000 injured that the Israeli offensive left, known as «defensive Margin».

The film is produced by Contramedia Films (Hernán Zin) and La claqueta PC (Olmo Figueredo) and has in production singer Bebe and reporter Jon Sistiaga. It will be distributed in theaters for 39 Escalones Films.